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Water Lentil Protein Concentrate (WLPC-75)

Rubisco Foods‐WLPC‐75 is a protein concentrate from specifically for food applications cultivated water lentils (duckweed; Lemna minor). It has a protein content of 75%. It is isolated in a mild and environmentally‐friendly manner to  enhance its functionalities allowing it to fit optimally in  your allergen‐free, non‐GMO food  formulations. Rubisco Foods‐WLPC‐75 has excellent water solubility and water binding (gelation)  properties, combined with fresh grassy flavour notes and an attractive bright green colour. Its high  content in essential amino acids (particularly branched chain) as well as its high content of  antioxidants make the product also valuable from a nutritional point of view. WLPC‐75 fits  perfectly in products targeted for consumer groups that value a vegan and sustainable lifestyle. 

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Rubisco Foods‐WLPC-75 can best be used as a taste enhancer in savoury products, such as soups and sauces, dressings, meat replacements, bakery products and hearty snacks and for use in proteinenriched products for sportsmen and the elderly. Its heat‐stable colour (up to 140 C) can provide  your products with an attractive green colour.

Shelf life and storage

As a spray‐dried powder Rubisco Foods‐WLPC‐75 is stable for at least 2 years when stored in the  original sealed packaging in a cool and dry place  (temp. < 20 C; relative humidity < 65 %).


In food applications WLPC‐75 can be  labelled as “water lentil protein”.

Product characteristics

WLPC‐75 is a dark green, free flowing  powder. It is readily suspendable in food  formulations. In many recipes a dosage of less than  10 % is optimal to provide your products with the  required characteristics.

Product analysis
Protein 75.4 %
Starch 8.6 %
Fibers < 0.5 %
Total lipids 8.6 %
Ash 8.0 %
b-carotene 499 ppm
lutein 1440 ppm
xanthophylls 2345 ppm
Essential amino acids (p/100 g protein)
Lysine 8.0
Sulfur amino acids (Cys + Met) 3.7
BCAA (Val + Leu + Ileu) 24.6
Histidine 3.1
Threonine 5.7
Moisture content powder 10%
pH of resuspendend powder 4.5
Solubility in water at pH 7.5 80%

Lets talk about how WLPC-75 can fit into your product line

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