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Let’s work together

Explore the hidden potential of your side streams.

Let's find out, step by step, whether  your side streams contain various components that can be upcycled to valuable plant-based proteins and other ingredients.


Biorefinery Solutions Process Flow

Steps to take:

  1. Analyse the composition of your side streams.
    We analyse the protein, fiber, sugar-water and starch to gain insight in the size of the opportunity.
  2. Use BRS'technology in our refinery facility.
    We use your side streams and make the required production trials to understand the process needed to recover their valuable components.
  3. Develop ingredients and applications.
    We analyse and report the possibilities of the components as ingredients in food- and feed applications and give you insights to bring the products to market.
  4. We partner with you to design and build on an industrial scale.

BRS'expertise in vegetable ingredient manufacturing spans the complete process from preparing raw materials, through to protein extraction and isolation, to downstream fibre and sugar-water.