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We have developed
a mild
biorefining technology

We extract proteins
and other ingredients
from green side streams

Side streams
can be an abundant source
of valuable ingredients

Use our refinery facility
to identify the valuable
components from your side streams

Biorefinery Solutions

Revalue green side streams

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Who we are

Biorefinery Solutions is an innovative Dutch agri-food company. We have developed a proprietary, mild biorefining technology to extract proteins, fibres and other high-value ingredients from side streams of the agro- and food industry.


Mild extraction process

The mild extraction process provides high-quality naturally clean protein (gel and powder), fibre, sugarwater (syrup) and starch with a high functional value. 

Red Onion and Skins on White Background

Valorisation of side streams

Side streams constitute the resulting biomass generated during food production processes. BRS turns them into functional ingredients for use across many applications. This way, they can be reincorporated into the food chain and  become real value streams.

Beautiful water footprint drops on a leaf close-up

Upcycling sustainable ingredients from your food production side streams

In our scalable refinery facility, we can analyze the composition of your side streams and identify valuable components to recover. We then proceed to production trials to optimize the process needed and partner with you to design the industrial process for your side streams.

green side streams

plant protein

plant protein







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