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Optimal use

BRS' biorefining technologies enable you to produce plant-based ingredients from fresh crops and vegetable side streams.

With this, the agro-industry can achieve its full potential out of every crop produced.

And the vegetable processing industry can find value in what was previously considered  to be 'waste' products.

Longs Peak and Glacier Gorge reflecting in blue Bear Lake on a calm Summer morning, Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado, USA.


Also, food product manufacturers are driving to reduce their environmental impact and increase efficiency.
They can now do this by optimizing the production of their valuable (raw) materials and side streams.
This way they can reduce the CO2 footprint of their products.

The experience and know-how of technology experts and innovators such as BRS is important to help ensure that we can continue to feed this and future generations, and at the same time contribute to the conservation of our planet's valuable resources.

Let’s work together to make your products more sustainable.