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Valuable ingredients

Functional food ingredients

BRS' mild refining technologies and solutions make it possible to gently extract and separate the high-value components of side streams. This way, the proteins, fibres and other high value ingredients retain more of their original nutrients and functionality, making them a better option for use in food and high quality feed.


Plant-based proteins

Plant-based proteins nowadays are much sought-after ingredients. Our functional proteins can be used to improve the nutritional value of food and health products.
Proteins represent key functional ingredients that can add texture to foods, as well as optimise the viscosity, emulsification, stability, foaming or fat-binding properties of food products.

New, clean label ingredients

Food manufacturers can use these ingredients in many applications. They all are plant-based and clean label and they can be used to functionalize foods and replace synthetic additives with ingredients of natural origin.

Red, green,black mini burgers with quinoa and vegetables