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Side streams

Side streams constitute the resulting biomass generated during production processes, much of which is still treated as waste. BRS has developed new ways to valorize these side streams by turning them into functional plant-based proteins and other high-value ingredients for use across many applications.

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A few examples of these side streams are trimmings from onions, cabbage, orange peels and protein-rich residue streams such as brewer's spent grain.

These side streams are often treated as waste and are commonly processed to low-value animal feed.

However, these side streams still contain valuable components like proteins, phenols (anti-oxidants), dietary fibres and pigments.

Extracting and refining these components requires mild processes, so they remain functional and can be used as (plant-based) ingredients in many food applications.

These plant-based ingredients have unique functional characteristics, such as improving texture, gelation and, depending on the feedstock, specific flavour, odor and color properties. This way they can be reincorporated into the food chain. So your side streams can become real value streams.

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