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Alfalfa Protein Concentrate (APC-50)

APC-50 is a protein concentrate from alfalfa (Medicago sativa L.). It is isolated in a mild and environmentallyfriendly manner allowing it to fit optimally in your allergen-free, non-GMO food formulations. APC-50 has excellent nutritional properties, combined with fresh green flavour notes and an attractive green colour. Its high vegetable protein content and its high essential amino acids (particularly branched chain) content make the product very suitable for preparation of highly nutritional food products.

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APC-50 fits perfectly in products targeted for the growing clean label, vegan/vegetarian and high protein markets. It has huge nutritional benefits, delivering the following health features:

Allergen free GMO free low sodium
Soy free  gluten free low carb
Nut free lactose free low sugar



APC-50 is especially suitable for use in protein-enriched products. Its heat-stable colour (up to 140 oC) can
provide your products with an attractive green colour.

Shelf life and storage

The spray-dried powder is stable for at least 2 years when stored in the original sealed packaging in a cool
and dry place (temp. < 20 oC; relative humidity < 65 %).


In food applications APC-50 can be labelled as “alfalfa protein”.

Product characteristics

APC-50 is a dark green, free flowing powder. It is readily suspendable in food formulations.

Product analysis
Protein 72.7 %
Dietary Fibers 18.6 %
Crude Ash 11.5 %
salt 0.04 %
Total Fat 13.3 %
- of which saturated 4.3%
- of which mono-unsaturated 0.6%
- of which polyunsaturated 8.4%
Carbohydrates 3.9%
- of which sugers 1.5%
Energy value 1453kJ / 346 kcal
Allergens none
Essential amino acids (p/100 g protein)
Lysine 3.3
Sulfur amino acids (Cys + Met) 1.6
BCAA (Val + Leu + Ileu) 11.5
Histidine 1.4
Threonine 2.5
Moisture content powder 4%
pH of resuspendend powder 7.0
Solubility in water at pH 7.5 28.7%

Lets talk about how APC-50 can fit into your product line

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