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The global perspective for vegetable proteins

The protein market is currently characterized by the increased demand for processed and healthy food products. Leading companies such as Roquette Frères (France), Burcon Nutrascience Corporation (Canada), and Cosucra Groupe Warcoing (Belgium), DSM (Netherlands), Unilever (Netherlands), Barentz (Netherlands) and several other players, such as Bobeldijk Food Company (Netherlands), Ruitenberg Ingredients (Netherlands), have made significant investments in technology and new product developments to provide superior quality, innovative, and cost-effective products to customers.

They have entered into partnerships, collaboration agreements to increase their global and regional market share. Further these players have extended their existing capabilities by innovation and have enhanced their geographical presence. BRS’ technology and core competences are recognized by leading global and regional players like DSM, Unilever, Barentz, Bobeldijk Food Company, Ruitenberg Ingredients, LaBeij, Zeelandia. Currently BRS has entered into discussions with the above parties to have the core competences and the products of BRS engaged in new product development. This strategy is adopted in order to establish long term off-take agreements with the industry leaders.

The vegetable (“green”) protein market is increasing in western countries due to the rise in demand for vegan and healthy food products, and high nutritional profile of vegetable proteins. Furthermore, the vegetable protein market is expected to further grow in the developing countries due to the economic development in these countries. Also, changing lifestyles and growing health concerns in the developing Asian countries is triggering the demand for healthy food products, which will lead to an increase in demand to vegetable proteins. This growth in the demand for this protein category is also due to its increasing application in a wide range of products such as snacks, beverages, nutritional supplements, and meat alternatives & extenders. Vegetable protein will become a main ingredient in a great variety of innovative food products. In particular the native egg-white characteristics represents a ground-breaking solution for the vegan food industry. No more egg-white needs to be applied for the binding functionality when producing food.

Due to the competitive nutritional and functional values of the BRS protein, the food & beverages manufacturers and nutritional supplements manufacturers form the target market for BRS.