Water lentil

Water lentil protein

Water lentils are a source of green protein produced with BRS’ biorefining technology. Water lentils is the term used for duckweed, cultivated under controlled and food-grade conditions. This is currently produced by BRS subsidiary company ABC-Kroos BV.

Website: ABC-Kroos BV

This is the first company in the world that uses a patented process to produce a soluble and native protein with high nutritional value. Because of its amino acid composition and its functional properties the water lentil protein is ideal for human nutrition and can be used by the food industry for all kind of applications but also for food supplements and in pet food.

Water lentils can be grown and processed much easier than any other “aquatic crop” because they contain up to 40% of protein the annual yield of protein per hectare is about 7 times that of e.g. soya while the nutritional value and the relative amount of essential amino acids is at least as high. In particular the level of essential branched chain amino acids (BCAA) is very high. Even higher than in many animal proteins. Therefore, water lentils are a better alternative source of protein than cereals and beef.