Onion residue protein

Onion residue protein

Onion flavoured protein concentrate

A popular product employing BRS technology is an onion flavoured protein-enriched fraction from onion residues (onion peels). This product finds a ready market in hearty formulated food products, and is a good alternative to several E-number food additives, thus meeting the industrial desire for “clean labels”.


Based on information from food companies the BRS onion protein concentrate fulfils a growing market demand for food ingredients that have useful functional properties This growing demand derives a.o. from the desire to decrease the salt content of processed food products. In order to achieve this goal, food companies are looking for new ingredients to enhance the product’s flavour or colour that are natural and do not have to be declared on the label (“clean label policy”). This in contrast to currently used chemical additives. A natural product such as an onion protein concentrate fulfils these criteria.


Onion Residue Protein

Red and brown coloured onion protein powders