Advisory Board

To strengthen its business development possibilities BRS established a strong Advisory Board, composed of senior, well-experienced entrepreneurs and scientists.

Currently our Advisory Board consists of:

  • Paul van der Heijden MBA
  • Prof. Dr. Alle Bruggink
  • Denis Maessen LL.M.
  • Jeroen Willemsen MSc
  • Eric Brinckmann MSc

About the board:

Paul van der Heijden  is an entrepreneur, former Head of Organizational Department Post,  interim manager at various large organizations, founder of business development company MatureDevelopment BV.

Alle Bruggink  is a retired R&D director of Chemferm and DSM Andeno. He is also professor Industrial Organic Chemistry at Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen and Biorefinery expert through managerial positions at KNCV, Biobrug, DCO, MinEZ Platform Groene Grondstoffen, NWO-ACTS and WTC Biobased Economy.

Jeroen Willemsen is an entrepreneur, founder and commercial director of meat replacer company ‘Ohja’ and ‘Het Planeet’ (branche organisation for green protein companies). Expertise: commercialisation of plant based proteins.

Eric Brinckmann is director of ‘Waterpark Het Lankheet’ and responsible for KRW en WW21 oriented innovations. Partner in Bioforte B.V. (bioenergy provider).

Denis Maessen is lawyer and entrepreneur in strategic business development. He is also Secretary to CDA political party, director of Ibou BV, interim chairman of Focwa, Vice president at European Forum for Independent Professionals, member of SER and chairman of Dutch ‘Platform voor Zelfstandige Ondernemers’ (PZO-ZZP).